Hilton Head Jazz Camp College Internship Application
Please review the guidelines for the college internship program at hhjazzcamp.com/college before filling out this application.
Thank you for your interest in the Hilton Head Jazz Camp College Internship Program. Our camp takes place in beautiful Hilton Head, SC from July 9-14, 2018. Fill out these next few questions and then if you have a resume, e-mail it to james@hhjazzcamp.com. We'll notify all of the accepted interns by April 9. Hope to see you this summer!

James Berry
Camp Director, HH Jazz Camp

What is your name, gender and age? *

What is your e-mail address, cell phone number and the best time to reach you? *

Don't worry, we won't give it out to anyone...
What is your main instrument? *

Please list the college you are attending, program are you focusing on and current GPA: *

For young professional musicians not currently in a college music program, pleases list a quick overview of your qualifications and experience:
What have your learned in the last year that would be valuable to our students? Also, why would you like to be a college intern and how can you be a positive role model at the Hilton Head Jazz Camp? *

Will you be needing accomodations at our locally established hotel? *

College interns staying at our hotel will be provided with free accomodations & breakfast, but will be expected to supervise out-of-town students after camp hours. Alcohol and tobacco are prohibited.
What evening activity would you enjoy taking the out-of-town students to after a day at jazz camp? *

If you have a video of one of your performances, please paste the link below:

This isn't required, it would be just be cool to hear you play!
Please list 2 or more references and their contact information... *

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